School Tool Box

Our School Tool Box program delivers the exact supplies your students need to the school or right to your parents’ doors. Be the superhero for your school by submitting your school supply lists by the end of November for an 8% discount! You’ll be thanked like never before!


Consistent: School Tool Box supplies match student’s grade level supply list.
Convenient: Parents order School Tool Boxes online at their own convenience.
Cost saving: School Tool Box buys directly from the manufacturer, which saves you money.
Risk Free: School Tool Box offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Fundraising: Schools have the option to offer the School Tool Box as a school fundraiser, enabling parents to earn money for their school on supplies they already buy.
School Tool Box’s Ship-to-Home program allows parents to order their supplies online later into the summer, provides the ability to add or remove items a student may already have and requires fewer volunteer hours.
Click here to download our Ship-to-Home School Tool Box Flyer or click here to download our Ship-to-School School Tool Box Flyer.
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How It Works:

  1. Click Here or call us at 888.871.5742 to get started on School Tool Box.
  2. We will then assist you in choosing our School Tool Box Ship-to-Home or Ship-to-School program and provide no-obligation school supply price quotes for your review and approval. (You can use last year’s school supply lists as a starting point.)
  3. We will then guide you every step of the way on your successful School Tool Box school supply program. You do the list, we’ll help do the rest!

To get started, click here or call us at 888.871.5742.