Ultimate Coffee Fundraiser

Perk up your fundraising efforts with our Ultimate Coffee Fundraiser! Featuring a wide selection of gourmet ground coffee and single serve cups, Ultimate Coffee will satisfy your coffee loving supporters and provide your group with an exciting boost in fundraising profit. Perfect for groups of all sizes!

About This Program:

Our Ultimate Coffee Fundraiser offers high quality gourmet coffee in both ground coffee and single serve cups. Your supporters will ask for this fundraiser again and again!
Features 8 ground coffee flavors in 11 oz. bags, 6 single serve cup flavors with 12 cups per box, and a convenient sampler of 7 different coffees to satisfy every coffee lover!
All Ultimate Coffee Fundraiser product is Packed By Seller for easy distribution to sellers.
Selling Packets arrive ready-to-hand-out and include full-color brochure, parent letter, order form and money collection envelope
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40% profit on all Ultimate Coffee Fundraiser products sold.
Both full-color printed brochure and online ordering to maximize your fundraising potential.
100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
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How It Works:

  1. Order 1 Ultimate Coffee Fundraiser selling packet for each member of a group or up to 5 selling packets for an individual.
  2. Take Ultimate Coffee Fundraiser orders by brochure for 2 to 3 weeks, collecting money with each order, as well as offer products through our Online Program.
  3. Complete Master Tally Sheet and mail, along with orders and payment.
  4. Items to fulfill your Ultimate Coffee Fundraiser orders will be shipped within 2-3 weeks of receipt of your Order Forms and payment.
  5. Enjoy your Ultimate Coffee Fundraiser PROFIT!

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