Why Partner with Us


We do everything at Better World Fundraising with one goal in mind: to make fundraising for your organization as Hassle-Free and Effective as possible!

Our Fundraising Programs are selected and designed based on the following criteria:

Fast: Our programs help you raise funds in as little as two to three weeks.

Easy: Our programs are easy to run and involve minimal, if any, product handling on your part.

Profitable: Our programs help you raise a significant amount of funds toward your fundraising goal.

Risk-Free: Our programs are risk-free, with no money up-front and no minimum orders.

Our Support Services guide your Fundraising Chairperson throughout the fundraising process:

Dedicated Fundraising Specialist: A dedicated Better World Fundraising Specialist is always available by phone or email before, during and after your fundraiser.

Fundraiser Eminders™ : Our customized Fundraiser Eminders provide timely guidance to your Fundraising Chairperson every step of the way, based on your specific program and fundraiser dates.

At Better World Fundraising, we know that fundraising is not your organization’s mission. Fundraising simply allows you to support the worthwhile activities, projects and events that are essential to your mission.

We look forward to partnering with you on hassle-free, effective fundraising programs so that you can focus on your mission.

You can Get Started, see How it Works, or Choose A Program now!