Boon Supply Fundraiser

The perfect fundraiser for today’s circumstances!

About This Program:

Fundraise from the safety of your home – No products to tally or distribute. No money to collect. All orders placed online and shipped directly to customers’ homes.
High Quality, Classy Products – Eco-friendly bags, totes, kitchenware, delicious food, gift wrap, & more! Click here to view our Boon Supply Fall 2020 catalog.
Always Fresh – New prints, colors, and on-trend items debut every Spring and Fall.
Absolutely No Cost – Getting your fundraiser started does not cost your organization anything. We believe you shouldn’t have to spend money to make money.
40% profit on every item – With our fresh, high quality products, your group is sure to go well above and beyond your fundraising goals.

How It Works:

  1. Order 1 Boon Supply Fundraiser selling packet for each member of a group or up to 5 selling packets for an individual.
  2. Take Boon Supply Fundraiser orders for 2 to 3 weeks, with supporters placing orders online.
  3. All Boon Supply Fundraiser orders will be shipped directly to customers’ homes.
  4. Profit check will be emailed or sent to you at the end of your selling period.
  5. Enjoy your PROFIT!

To get started, click here or call us at 888.871.5742.