How It Works

Following is a step-by-step guide to our fundraising programs and services. You can also request information or call us at 888.871.5742 so we can help you select the most appropriate program and personally guide you through the fundraising process.

Step 1: Select a Fundraising Program

Based on the time of year you would like to fundraise and area of the country that you reside, we will help you select the best program from the following:

Save Around Coupon Books

Save Around Coupon Books are the premier local savings books offered in the U.S. Each area’s coupon book is designed with your fundraising customers in mind, providing hundreds of valuable discount offers at the most popular dining, recreation and service establishments in town. Click here for more information.

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Gift Brochure Fundraiser

Offer your group brochures and products that you can be proud of! Our Spring and Fall 2015 brochures feature product offerings that emphasize American-Made, Green and Healthy. Over 75% of the items in our Winter Wonderland and Perfect Presents brochures are American-Made and/or Exclusive! Click here for more information on our Gift Brochure Fundraiser.

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Lil’ Shopper’s Shoppe

Our Lil’ Shopper’s Shoppe is the In-School Shopping Program that’s fun for everyone! Students love it… Parents love it… and Parent Organizations love it!
Click Here to learn more about how easy it is to set up and run a successful Lil’ Shopper’s Shoppe for the students at your elementary school or click the orange button below to get started!

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Raising money shouldn’t be tedious, boring or the same thing year after year. Our Color-A-Thon is new, exciting and full of color! The kids will get red, yellow, blue and pink to celebrate with, while you’re getting more “green” for your school or group. Click Here to learn more about how easy it is to run a Color-A-Thon in your community!

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Boon Supply Fundraiser

Boon Supply believes that the world needs more doers – more people working on the little things that add up to a big difference in our communities. We provide a fresh way to fundraise via our people-driven platform and products with values for home and life on the go. Click Here to learn more or click the orange button below to get started!

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School Tool Box

Suddenly, getting school supplies has gotten simple. Our School Tool Box program provides your students with all of the school supplies they will need for their grade level, according to your school’s exact supply list. We use name brand products and guarantee 100% satisfaction. Click Here to learn more about how easy it is to set up a school supply program at your school or click the orange button below to get started!

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SA Ink Spirit Wear Fundraiser

Finally, a truly turn-key spirit wear fundraiser that allows you to get set up quickly, with no money upfront and no risk of getting stuck with unsold inventory. Click Here to learn more about how easy it is to set up a spirit wear fundraiser for your group!

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World’s Finest Chocolate

There’s always a reason to buy more World’s Finest Chocolate bars. Unlike wrapping paper and other household goods you can purchase through fundraisers, our chocolate bars will not sit around your supporter’s house, unused. They’re so delicious that people will consume them right away and have a reason to buy more from you! Click Here to learn more or click the orange button below to get started!

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Gourmet Food Fundraiser

Our Gourmet Food Fundraisers offer your organization a delicious way to raise funds! With several unique gourmet food options to choose from, we have the perfect food fundraiser for every type and size of organization. Click here for more information on these delicious fundraisers.
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Step 2: Start a Sale & Request Selling Packets

Once you have chosen an appropriate fundraising program, you can Start a Sale by clicking here or calling us at 888.871.5742. We will collect necessary information and send out your Fundraiser Selling Packets. In order to maximize fundraiser effectiveness, we will provide 1 selling packet per group member or up to 5 selling packets to individuals raising funds at no cost to you.

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Step 3: Conduct Your Sale

Once your selling packets are received, you’ll have everything you need to get started quickly and easily. With the effective selling materials provided by Better World Fundraising, your members will be able to take orders for quality fundraiser products from family, friends, and colleagues at work, typically for a 2 to 3 week period.

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Step 4: Close Out Your Fundraiser

The Close Out Form included with your Fundraiser Selling Packets will provide step-by-step directions for you to easily conclude your sale and place your fundraiser order. Additionally, a Fundraising Specialist is available by email or phone to assist you with the close out process.

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Step 5: Enjoy Your Profit & Savor the Memories!

At Better World Fundraising, we know the life-changing impact and wonderful memories that a special project, contribution to a worthy cause or unique travel experience can provide your group’s members. We will do everything possible to help you raise the funds necessary to accomplish your goals!

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