Lil’ Shopper’s Shoppe

Our Lil’ Shopper’s Shoppe is the In-School Shopping Program that’s fun for everyone! As the the Nation’s #1 Holiday Gift Store Program, we have the expertise and high quality gift items to ensure that your school’s holiday shop will be a success!

About This Program:

Typically run as a service for students and their families by the school’s parent organization in late November or early December.
Features over 100 high quality gift items priced within a child’s budget — from pocket change to $10.00.
85% of the gift items are priced under $5!
Something for everyone on a child’s list: Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, Grandparents, God Parents, Teachers, Special Friends and Pets!
No Count Inventory Option makes your shop easy to run with fewer volunteers!
Allows children to learn about budgeting and the joy of giving!
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For more detailed information on Lil’ Shopper’s Shoppe,
click here to visit our Lil’ Shopper’s Shoppe web site.

How It Works:

  1. Once you complete the agreement form, we will process your agreement and reserve the gift items for your Fall 2020 holiday shop.
  2. You will receive your Chairperson Planning Kit in late October and your gift items 1 week prior to the start of your holiday shop.
  3. Your parent organization runs its successful holiday shop (Tuesday through Thursday during school hours for best results), offering your school’s students a safe holiday shopping experience in a non-commercial setting!
  4. You box up and return unsold merchandise with payment.
  5. It’s that simple!

The Lil’ Shopper’s Shoppe Provides Everything You Need:

  • • Colorful Parent Letters
  • • Budget Envelopes
  • • Decorated Tablecloths
  • • 3 Different Sizes of Gift Bags
  • • Colorful “Coming Soon!” Event Posters
  • • Chairperson Planning Guide
  • • Guaranteed Pre-Holiday Delivery on Every Reorder Item
  • • Pre-Coded Merchandise For Easy Checkout
  • • Pre-Priced Tent Cards
  • • Free Next Day Delivery on All Orders!
  • • Industry Leading Technology makes your chairperson’s job easy and allows access to your account from any computer 24/7! (No software to download)

To get started, click here or call us at 888.871.5742.