Save Around Coupon Books Fundraiser

Save Around Coupon Books help your group raise money, help your supporters save money and help your local businesses grow and thrive… a true win win win!

Quick Peek:

  • Over $5,000 in Local and Nationwide Savings
  • In-Hand & Online Sales
  • Save Around Coupon Books Ship to Group or Home
  • Up to 50% Profit

Closer Look:

  • Thousands in Savings at Area Restaurants, Fast Food, Services & Sporting Events
  • Includes Free Subscription to our Nationwide Mobile Savings App
  • Save Around Coupon Books sell for only $25 or less
  • Selling Packets include an actual Save Around Coupon Book at No Risk
  • Online Sales with Shipment Direct to Customer
  • “1 Additional Book Free for Every 5 Sold” Seller Incentive

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